Pharmaceutical Products


Ceftiofur, in injectable suspension.

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Florfenicol, in injectable solution.

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Hipralona Enro-I

Enrofloxacin, in injectable solution.

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Colistin Sulphate 10% Granular

Treatment of gastro-intestinal infection in calves, sheep, goat, pig and poultry, particularly colibacillosis and salmonellosis.

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Chickens: Reduction of mortality and morbidity due to Staphylococcus aureus and to Escherichia coli.
Swine: Reduction of mortality and morbidity due to Streptococcus suit.

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Flunixin meglumine, in injectable solution.

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.Increase feed intake & efficiency
.Increase average daily gain
.50% reduction in mortality
.Maintain intestinal health and integrity
.Increase ability to cope with stress associated with weaning

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Yoghurlac is a concentrated and energy rich acidified powder yoghurt ready to mix with water.
Mostly for weak suckling piglets and weaning piglets.

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Piggy Lift

Piggy-Lift is a quick-acting and efficient nutrient supplement for weak newborn piglets with a birth weight below 1000grams (15% of all newborn piglets)

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Opti-iron acidified iron solution for piglets which may replaces iron injection, enhance digestion and stimulates growth.

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Vitamin E 10% + Sel Oral

Vitamin E10% + Sel Oral is indicated for vitamin E and/or selenium deficiency in calves, lambs, sheep, goat, piglets and poultry.

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After Egg Food

After Egg Food improves chick growth, development and health, results in more uniform flocks and decreases mortality.

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Powder and solvent for solution for injection for swine.
Chorlonic and Equine Serum Gonadotrophins.

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Cloprostenol, in injectable solution.

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