For early ages and young animals; Stabilizes the gastrointestinal system; Improves firm faecal consistency; Increase SCFA concentration

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Bio-YSP 2X

Controls odors and ammonia from manure reduces sludge accumulation

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Adhealth No.1

Promote endocrine balance and improve reproductive activities. Improve metabolic rate and reduce bad door of manure.

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Betaine Hydrochloride 98%

Replace Methionine, stimulates animals appetite and increase feed intake of animals and promotes their growth

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Vita-LB 12 POW

For normal lactation and increase milk production. Produce healthy piglets, reduce diarrheas, increase growth rate and survival rate

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Nugarlic Powder

Increase feed stuff utilisation rate. Improve meat and egg quality. Promote disease resistance. It is also used as powerful medicine for fish.

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