Company Profile

YENHER‘s history dates back to 1982 with the establishment of Guan Hoe Farming & Trader [in Penang] by Cheng Guan Hoe, the father of Cheng Mooh Tat, Cheng Mooh Kheng and Cheng Mooh Chye, as a trader of animal health and nutrition products focusing on the distribution of veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Cheng Mooh Tat then joined the family business in the 1980's, and thereafter established Yenher Agro in 1991 with Danberg (M) Sdn Bhd (“Danberg”), a then supplier of Guan Hoe Farming & Trader, to venture into the trading of animal health and nutrition products.

In 1993, Cheng Guan Hoe Holdings Sdn Bhd, an investment holding vehicle held by Cheng Guan Hoe and his children, acquired Danberg's entire 51% stake of shareholdings in Yenher Agro. Guan Hoe Farming & Trader was subsequently dissolved in 1993 as the Cheng family decided to consolidate all of their businesses under Yenher Agro.

Over the years, Yenher has envolved from a distributor to a manufacturer and distributor of animal health and nutrition products. Yenher has also expanded to various locations within Malaysia as well as to countries abroad which include Indonesia, the People's Republic of China, Korea, Pakistan, Hong Kong and Nigeria.