Yenher Laboratory

We established an in-house laboratory in 2012 as part of our efforts to conduct diagnostic and materials analyses on our products. Our laboratory is equipped with a number of equipment which allow us to perform an array of tests ranging from microbiological testing, mycotoxin detection, serology tests, antibiotic sensitivity tests, polymerase chain reaction tests for disease identification, near-infrared spectroscopy to high performance liquid chromatography tests. The availability of such diagnostic and material analyses services enables us to assess the effectiveness of our Group's products and solutions on our customers' livestock.

In addition, our in-house laboratory also supports our R&D initiatives by providing the platform required to develop new and improved products. Through our in-house laboratory, we have successfully developed our 'Green iDeal Protein' concept of premixes in 2015 as well as our first biotech animal feed ingredients under 'YenSoy®' and 'YenPalm RH®' brand names, both of which were launched in 2018.