Yenmix Poultry Mineral Blend

Multi-vitamin supplement for poultry feed

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Glymet Cu 24%

It is an organic complex based on glycine (amino acid) and minerals Improving in weight gain and feed intake

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Glymet Zn 22%

Reinforces immune system, prevent hoof disorder, decrease stress.

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Glymet Mn 20%

Ruminants: Reduce endometrial problems. Layers: Improve egg shell quality. Broiler: Improve breast yield. Pig: Improve carcass quality.

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Glymet Fe 19%

Glymet is an organic complex based on glycine and minerals. Heavier piglets birth weight, larger litter, less mortality, greater number of weaned piglets/sow/year.

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Nutri-CP 2000

Large litter size, lean meat production and growth promoter of livestock animals

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